Be Better

The original success guru
November 5, 2006, 9:42 am
Filed under: Self Improvement

Did you know that the self-help book boom was actually started in 1859 by Samuel Smiles?

Mr. Smiles did not offer any new-fangled term or idea. He believed that life is best experienced as a struggle. Mr. Smiles wanted us all to be dogged, to follow our convictions to the end of the earth, so to speak. He wanted us build a ‘pushing character’.

Strive, keep working at it – that’s the basis of Mr. Smiles’ thought.  A sportsperson keeps practising until one gets better. A writer keeps writing until he/she gets better.

That was the simple message of the original success guru. In future posts on Be Better, I will write about self-improvement tips and skills arranged across 6 main categories. I also envision this blog as a tool to build a community of people sharing experiences and tips about being better.

I welcome all of you to participate in this mission of learning, sharing and improving. I don’t promise any ideas. I only want to us to get better by practising at it.

To end, let me paraphrase Mahatma Gandhi, ‘ Be the change you want to be’.